Dana tyler still dating phil collins


Collins, the British star fresh off his third divorce. Bolaris described as “her Dana Tyler kind of humming way.” Her repertoire is heavy on show tunes, particularly Hairspray, which she’s seen 11 times. Tyler is a recreational golfer, with a handicap in the high 20’s.

Dana Tyler was born on November 24, 1958, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US.

There is no information on her parents and siblings. Tyler was part of a first African-American team to anchor a newscast.

She attended Worthington High School in Worthington, Ohio. Later she moved to WCBS as the anchor and reporter of weekend shows. Tyler has also worked with many best-known TV anchors.

Tyler continuously showed her talent and skills through her performance.

As of 2017, she is still a news anchor and reporter at in New York City hosting the 6 pm newscast. Phil is a popular musician, producer, and an actor plus songwriter.

Tyler is currently single as she has been very secretive about her relationship.Tyler, 47, has slim shoulders and the smoky eyes and satin voice of Claire Huxtable. Tyler prefers show tunes, Billy Joel and, on occasion, the Osmonds. Then on to a story about calcium supplements for weight control, which she read over B-roll of fat ladies waddling.



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